Bin / Silo Temperature Monitoring & Control System


Bin / Silo Temperature Monitoring & Control System

From the smallest bin to largest facility, EN-KON delivers you a reliable, sensivity and solid silo temperature information system.

This is a Proactive Storage Management approach from EN-KON.

Safe grain storage is all about managing the temperature inside of the bin. EN-KON delivers the right system for you to make your facility as a Licensed Storage.

  • Most Sensitive measurement on the market.
  • Retractable Sensing cable either bin is empty of full.
  • Hi-Technology RTUs can connect more than 70 sensors in a bin.
  • Special compound covered digital sensors not affected by humidity.
  • TSEN ISO6891-1 and CE standartized.
  • Supports Retractablity.
  • No need for wiring.
  • Wide Suspension Selections (either for Inside or Outside of Bin).
  • 0.01 Sensivity Measurement.
  • Audio and On-screen Alarms.
  • Trends, Graphics supported – History Database.
  • Outside Humidity and Temperature information.
  • Printable History Reports.
  • All Languages supported.